Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Thrust cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for low speed occasions and can provide excellent bearing capacity. Mainly used in heavy-duty machine tools, high-power gear boxes, oil drilling RIGS, vertical motors, turntables and so on.

Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearing


The role of motors beairng is to center positioning, withstand pressure and gravity, make the axis parallel, wheelbase positioning, reduce friction, so that the moters can operate reliably and durably under different speeds, different loads and different machine temperatures. 

Machine Tools

The performance of the spindle bearing directly affects the machine speed, rotary precision, rigidity, noise, temperature rise and thermal deformation, and then affects the precision of the machining parts, etc. 

machine tools
petroleum drilling machine

Petroleum Drilling Machine

ZWA thrust cylindrical roller bearings have the advantages of large bearing capacity, able to bear a certain two-way axial load, less sensitive to installation accuracy and so on.

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Features and Benefits

  • Separable design
  • Extended bearing service life
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