The Application of ZWA Paper-making Bearings

deep groove ball bearing
deep groove ball bearing

Top Chinese Paper-making Bearings

ZWA will continue to develop highly reliable bearings that will lead to further productivity improvements in the papermaking industry, and it will continue to contribute to the development of the industry.

Current Situatuin of Chinese Paper-making Bearings

The characteristics of modern paper machine are: high speed, wide width, continuous, professional. In recent years, Chinese paper market is booming. But domestic paper machine and imported paper machine, has always been occupied by imported brand bearings, domestic bearings are difficult to shake up the position of imported bearings, from the host supporting to terminal maintenance, almost reached a consensus that “imported bearings must be used”. From pulp to finished paper of the whole production line, it is almost difficult to see the figure of domestic bearings. The annual output and consumption of bearings in China have long been ranked first in the world, but it is difficult to get the first place in some really important industries.

Technical Requirements for Paper-making Bearings

Paper production line requires continuous production, especially professional corrugated paper machine, copper sheet paper machine, culture paper machine and so on is a very huge production line, each roller is often hundreds, a production line used bearings is a large number of models, From the wet end of the forming roller, vacuum roller, drive roller, to press section at the center of the squeezing roller, boots, controllable high roller, roller and cadre’s moving roller, cylinder, guide roller and molding department of sizing, calender roller, paper roller, as well as a multitude of guide roller, the working condition of the function of the roller and alone is varied, the bearing is used in the multifarious, and once the bearing appear problem, It will affect the operation of the whole production line, and even cause abnormal shutdown, with huge loss. Therefore, paper machine bearings have always been the world of imported bearings, because imported brand bearings do have very stable quality and life.

ZWA Bearings Application Form

Paper-making BearingsBearings Series/Design/DimensionApplication
Spherical Roller Bearings240/241..(d 120-220)Suction Roll,Suction Box Bearing
230..(d 360-710)Suction Roller Operating End
239..(d 440-950)
231. .(d 44-950)Suction Roller, Driving End Guide Roller
223/222..(d 50-180)
232. (d 110-180)
230..(d 200-560)Controllable Middle And High Rollers
230/239/(248)..(d 200-850)Press Roll
230/231..(d 320-710)Smooth Large Dryer
231..(d 50-150)Roll Shaft
240..(d 140-160)The Corrugated Roller
Scattered Pulp Machine
Pulping Machine
Chipping Machine
Wood Mill
Cylindrical Roller BearingsNU30../NU10..(d 200-350)Canvas Roller
NU23..(d 50-140)Guide Roller of Pulping Machine
NUB2../3..(d 50-140)Dryer,Smooth Large Dryer
NU/N30..(d 180-710)Roll Shaft
NNU49..(d 50-150)The Corrugated Roller
Gear box
Scattered Pulp Machine
Deep Groove Ball Bearings618..C3(d 300-700)Stretch Roll
619..C3(d 140-260)
62..(d 60-160)Motor, Gear Box
160..(d 60-160)Mixer, Fan
Angular Contact Ball Bearings73..(d 100-200)Pressure Screen
72..(d 100-200)Scattered Pulp Machine
Pump, Gear Box
Paper Rolling Machine, Rewinding Machine

Why Choose ZWA?

ZWA since it was founded in 2004, has been mainly for export and import brand OEM, therefore, we have very rich experience in quality management, from raw material procurement, testing, manufacturing and product design and quality management has been implemented according to the international first-class standard, and use of processing equipment and testing equipment, also is in accordance with the international standard.

At present, we have dozens of customers in the domestic paper industry, bearings stable use for many years, customers have been praised, in the customer cost savings and shorten the procurement cycle, made outstanding contributions; In terms of stable production, we have successfully replaced many imported brand bearings to escort customers’ equipment. Through our continuous efforts, we have mastered almost all the design and manufacturing process of paper machine bearings, through years of efforts, our quality stability and life, fully reached the level of imported bearings.

We have complete technical guidance and on-site services, including bearing selection, installation, maintenance, failure analysis and other services.