What are the common causes of premature failure in tapered roller bearings used in paper-making equipment, and how can I prevent them?

Premature tapered roller bearings failure can be caused by a variety of factors. Here are some of the most common causes of premature failure and some ways to prevent them:

Lack of lubrication:

Insufficient lubrication can lead to increased friction and wear, which can cause premature failure. Make sure to use the right type and amount of lubricant and follow ZWA’s recommendations for lubrication intervals.


Dirt, dust, and other contaminants can cause damage to the bearing surfaces, leading to premature failure. Make sure to keep the bearings clean and use protective seals or shields to prevent contamination.


Excessive loads can cause the bearings to fail prematurely. Make sure to use the correct bearings for the application and avoid overloading them.


tapered roller bearings failure

Misalignment of the shaft and bearing can cause uneven wear and premature failure. Make sure to properly align the bearing and shaft during installation.

Improper handling:

Rough handling during installation or maintenance can cause damage to the bearing surfaces, and leading to premature failure. And make sure to use proper handling techniques and tools when installing or servicing the bearings.


tapered roller bearings failure

Corrosion can occur due to exposure to moisture or acidic environments, causing premature failure. Make sure to use bearings with appropriate corrosion-resistant materials or coatings for the application.

By addressing these common causes of premature failure, you can help prevent damage to your tapered roller bearings and extend their lifespan.

Additionally,regular maintenance and inspection can help identify any issues early on, allowing you to take corrective action before they lead to more serious problems. It’s also important to work with a reputable supplier who can provide high-quality bearings that are specifically designed for the demands of paper-making equipment. Finally, make sure to train your personnel on proper installation, handling, and maintenance procedures to ensure that the bearings are being cared for properly.

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