What are the advantages of tapered roller bearings?

What is tapered roller bearing?

Tapered roller bearing is a unit composed of tapered raceway (inner ring and outer ring) and tapered roller. They mainly bear radial and axial combined loads. Bearing capacity depends on the angle of the raceway of the outer ring. The greater the angle, the greater the bearing capacity. This kind of bearing belongs to the separation type bearing, which is divided into:

The clearance of single row bearing needs to be adjusted by the user during installation; The clearance of double row bearings and four row bearings has been set according to the user’s requirements when the products leave the factory, without user adjustment.

British-system Double-row Tapered Roller Bearing
British-system Double-row Tapered Roller Bearing

The outer ring (or inner ring) of a double row tapered roller bearing is a whole. The small end face of the two inner rings (or outer rings) is similar. And there is a ring in the middle. The clearance is adjusted by the thickness of the ring. And the thickness of the ring can also be used to adjust the pre-interference of the double row tapered roller bearing.

What role does tapered roller bearing have?

They can be found in several everyday applications, especially on wheels. Although the original design was actually designed for wagon wheels to improve their performance for agricultural purposes. They have since been adapted for a wide range of automotive industry use. Usually used in pairs to withstand equal axial forces in either direction.They have come a long way since the days of horse-drawn carriages. However, the concept survived and thrived 120 years later. They can also be found in agricultural equipment, gearboxes and axles, engines and decelerators, propellers, railway axles and in mining and construction.

What are the advantages of tapered roller bearings?

They are designed to reduce friction and reduce the amount of heat generated, which has caused previous bearing designs to fail. The tapered shape allows for an even transfer of load while rolling. This greatly reduces wear, which in turn increases durability and is now used almost worldwide for drive and rotary shafts. Because of the high durability of these bearings, these shafts can usually be maintained for hundreds of thousands of miles for free. They can also handle many heavy duty operations due to their high reliability.

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