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Section bearings have small working resistance, smooth operation and working temperature up to 180 degrees Celsius. They are very suitable for use in places with low speed, heavy load, large impact force and poor sealing performance. Its biggest advantage is that bearings can be easily installed and disassembled, which can save a lot of time and reduce production costs.


Split bearing is suitable for all industrial fields, mainly in the converter support, used for a variety of large conveying equipment, co-casting roller support, lift and conveying machine, paper machinery and other difficult to remove the place.

split bearing

Product Table

Split Spherical Roller Bearing(Metric)

Split Spherical Roller Bearing(Imperial)

Split Spherical Roller Bearing(Metric with separating locking ring)



The elevator of port is the main equipment of port loading and unloading operation, and also the key equipment of port stable operation. Split bearings' lubrication effect is good, can effectively reduce friction, in the actual application of installation and disassembly is also very convenient.


Bearing is one of the most common and important parts in conveyors. Its key role is to support the rotation of mechanical equipment, used to reduce the load friction resistance of mechanical equipment in the whole process of transmission and rotation.

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Paper-making Product Line

Paper-making Product Line

The high humidity environment of the wet part of the paper machine will seriously harm the lubrication and eventually affect the bearing life. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for bearings.

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