Optimize The Design Of Special Vibrating Screen Bearing

Vibrating screen bearing can be one of the key parts of vibrating screening machinery, its working conditions are almost harsh:

Environmental Humidity

Dust Particles

High Speed

Strong Vibration Impact

Therefore, the quality of the vibrating screen bearing is directly related to the service life and stability of the equipment. Our new generation of high efficiency vibrating screen bearing using precision-machined sturdy one-piece brass cage, compared with ordinary vibrating screening bearing, has the unique advantage of large processing capacity.

In order to ensure the output of this special bearing is our experienced engineers after years of painstaking research, in the traditional shaker bearing on the basis of optimization design. It has the characteristics of:

Strong Bearing Capacity

Good Impact Resistance

High Reliability

Overcome The Flexural Deformation Of The Shaft

It uses thin oil lubrication, effectively reduces the bearing temperature, improves the life, but also ensures the stability of equipment operation. The three-axis drive design also improves the screen frame stress state, effectively reduces the single bearing load, makes the side plate force more uniform, reduces the stress concentration point, improves the screen frame stress conditions, improves the reliability and life of the screen machine, lays a theoretical foundation for the screen machine large-scale.

The ZWA process did:

Precision-machined rugged one-piece brass cage with contoured roller slots

Improve the surface roughness of roller and inner and outer ring

Special heat treatment roll prevents cracks due to vibration and impact load

ZWA Vibrating Screen Sperical Roller Bearing