ZWA always treat the special requirements from the customers seriously. We always try our best to maximize the profit for the customers.

A large piercing machine in a Russian steel enterprise uses a kind of big-sized tapered roller thrust bearing. The bearing service life from the previous supplier is not ideal and the cost is particularly huge. After on-site communication, ZWA’s engineer optimized the inner design and production techniques based on the working condition of the bearing. With the newly design and improvements, ZWA bearing not only stands out in service life, but also makes remarkable cost reduction for the customer.

A Chinese big paper making company is in great need of a big-sized spherical thrust roller bearing. On one hand,  this bearing is applied in a key position of paper mill and on the other hand, it’s a non-standard bearing which is not possible to purchase from the ready stock in the market. If this bearing is not supplied on time, the customer have to shut down the production which will cause very huge loss. Knowing about the requirements, ZWA react immediately by organizing a group of experts and communicating on site. After 2-day discussion, ZWA proposed a technical scheme which is approved by the customer. One of the fastest production is carried out immediately which helps the customer get this bearing on time. After assisting on assembling, this bearing win the customers’ trust and meet their urgent demand.

  ZWA catered the customers not only with high-quality bearings, but also with 7/24 pre-sale and after-sale service. Customized products are ZWA’s advantageous products besides the standard ones, especially for those customers who have urgent need for a kind of special bearings. ZWA is able to offering the best solutions together with shortest delivery time.

Technical Support and Consultancy

ZWA’s regular service includes installation & maintenance, technical support and consulty and after-sale service.

Besides offering normal standard bearings to the customers, ZWA also focus on research and development for bearings applied in special fields. In recent years, ZWA designed and optimized the bearings for mining and paper making industries. Those special designed bearings not only help the customers realize the goal of reduction on cost, but also increased the equipment’s sustainability.

A.The special products for Mining equipment manufactured by ZWA are as follows:

Spherical roller bearings with different cage design as MBA (machined brass cage,inner ring centred), MA(machined brass cage,outer ring centred), and CCJA(stamped steel cage,outer ring centred) produced by ZWA are able to meet the strict and harsh demanding in vibrating screen.Those bearings have passed continuous testing and are optimized on internal parameters. Meanwhile with improvement on techniques, the average operating temperature of those bearings are decreased 10℃ which meet the longer service life requirements from the vibrating screen customers.

  China cylindrical roller bearings,with the cage design as ECML (machined single brass cage, outer ring centred) and ECM (machined single brass cage, roller centred) produced by ZWA are able to meet the strict and harsh demanding in vibrating screen and sand maker, like lower temperature increasing level, lower noise level and longer service life.

B.Large spherical roller bearings used in all kinds of pressing equipment of paper making industry manufactured by ZWA are as follows:

Modern paper making equipment with the feature of high speed, high output and high reliability set very strict requirements to the bearings applied on the aspects of high precision, high speed, high reliability and longer service life.

Owing to its continuous pursuit on the best design and techniques , the big-sized spherical roller bearings applied in the key equipment of paper making machine which are produced by ZWA have met the customers’ demand and also won high reputation in paper making industry home and abroad.

Engineering Tool

One machinery company developed a new type equipment. But since the limit of the dimensions, the evacuating parts bearing extremely high load, therefore, a specially designed extra thin and light tapered roller bearing is required. As this special bearing must work in pairs , it not only sets high requirements for the service life and production precision, but also requires a minimum replacement on axial movement after installation.

The customer is not able to purchase the special bearing from the market cause they need the bearing is non-standard and customized. ZWA is professional in designing and producing customized products. After brief communication with the customer, ZWA set up a professional engineering group. This group carried out on-site inspection, learned the detailed application position of the bearing, the working condition of the equipment and possible accidents may happen in the operation. Based on the learned information, ZWA proposed the detailed technical solutions. After checking with the customers, the solutions got approved from the customer. Even the theoretical solution is at hand, but the production is still a challenge. The production department and the engineering group researched a brand-new techniques for production, purchased the new production equipment, formed the new process tooling, ordered the new testing equipment and developed the new testing methods. Meanwhile, in order to guarantee the quality of the bearing, in the production, even more strict quality control is executed.

With our great efforts and endeavour, the bearings is more than satisfactory. It not only meet the customers’ expectation, but also prolong the equipment sustainability.

This is only one of the examples that we customized the bearings for the customers based on the actual working conditions. ZWA never stops the step of improving herself to meet more and more special requirement from the customers which is also the main parts of our complete service system.

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