Special Application Requirements of Rolling Mill Four Row Tapered Bearing

The inner ring and outer ring of four row tapered roller bearing is tapered raceways. And the rollers are also tapered. It belonging to the separable bearing. The main structure forms are divided according to the number of rolling rows:

  • Four Row Tapered Roller Bearing

Four row tapered roller bearing, because it can withstand a large diameter, axial combined load.At the same time and shaft in the case of clearance can be more stable operation. Meet the requirements of rapid disassembly. And can be used independently. It can directly reduce the width of the bearing box and roll length.So this type of bearing is favored by mechanical equipment manufacturers. It is often used for intermediate roll and work roll of rolling mill.

four-row tapered roller bearing
Four-row Tapered Roller Bearing

In addition to the necessary installation sequence, the installation requirements of this type of bearing also require the relevant mating parts to meet the following requirements:

Cage Dryness Problem of Four Row Tapered Roller Bearing

Typical four-row tapered roller bearings are composed of two double-row rolling body components (rolling body, cage, inner ring). One double outer ring and two single outer rings. Two side spacer rings and one inner spacer ring.

Due to structural limitations, the cage tends to protrusion the height of the inner and outer rings 2-7mm (different structure and size series, protrusion height is different), often lead to the fitting parts and cage dry, serious lead to bearing online burning shutdown fault. Therefore, it must be required to match the size of the parts with the appropriate spacing of the cage.

Inner Ring and Axial Compression Ring

1. Keep 0.25-0.45mm axial spacing between the end face of the bearing inner ring. And the end face of the axial compression ring to slow down the wear of the end face of the inner ring and the end face of the compression ring.

2. The outer diameter of the inner ring end face is equal to or slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the outer face of the pressing ring face. To prevent the inner ring from wearing the pressing ring end face to wear and sag.

3. A side oil groove (circular groove) is set on the end face of the bearing inner ring or the end face of the pressing ring to increase the lubrication between the two end faces and also reduce the problems of wear and curling of each end face.

Inside Diameter and Axle Diameter

1. Under the premise of fast loading and unloading (fast loading during cooling and fast unloading during unloading), the minimum fitting clearance is maintained to slow down the wear of axle diameter and bearing aperture; Reduce the sliding friction of the bearing inner ring relative to the shaft.

2. An oil groove (circular groove) is provided at the fitting of the end face of the two inner rings corresponding to the shaft to prevent the inner ring chamfering, the friction between the bearing ring and the shaft diameter, and the hair drawing surface.

Move the Labyrinth Ring (Shoulder) With the Inner Ring

1. Using labyrinth ring (shaft shoulder) outside diameter and the inner ring face diameter equal or slightly smaller (engine 3mm). To prevent the inner ring wear maze ring (shaft shoulder). Resulting in labyrinth ring (shaft shoulder) end face depression, curling and other problems.

2. The end face of the labyrinth ring (shaft shoulder) or the end face of the bearing inner ring is provided with a side oil groove (circular groove) to increase the lubrication between the two end faces and slow down the wear of each end face.

3.The outer diameter surface hardness of the dynamic labyrinth ring (shaft shoulder) is not less than HRC45. And the roughness value of the contact with the sealing ring lip is recommended to be 0.25-0.5um. To prevent mutual wear and damage with the sealing lip.

The Bearing Outer Ring Assembly Height is Matched With the End Gland

1.Keep the assembly height of the outer ring .And the two end covers in a state of pressing close to ensure the preset clearance of the bearing. Especially in the working conditions of large radial load, such as: back-up roll of rolling mill.

2.After the bearing is replaced, the match between the outer ring assembly height and the end cover must be readjust. And the error compression or clearance of 0-0.05mm should be adjusted (inelastic adjustment sheet).

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