Development of Outstanding Planetary Gearbox Bearings

Development of planetary gearbox bearings


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Automotive transmission gearbox
Automotive transmission gearbox with lots of details

ZWA uses a smaller shape to improve its compactness.Meanwhile we increase the power level of the gearbox constantly.In some applications, planetary gearboxes are subjected to loads exceeding their physical limits under special circumstances. At this point, the planetary shelf and the planetary pin are subjected to extremely high bending loads.

Planetary gearbox is an important part of the gearbox industry, with its outstanding characteristics:

  • High Reduction Ratio
  • Small Size
  • Low Cost 
  • Easy Installation

With the increase of its application, the requirements for planetary gearbox are higher and higher.

For the harsh application requirements, bearing layout should not only reduce the design space, but also reduce the operation noise.

And has the characteristics:

  • Low Friction
  • High Reliability
  • Long Service Life
  • Easy Installation

Such bearing solutions are more ideal.

According to this requirement, ZWA has carried out in-depth research and produced planetary gearbox bearings to meet the market needs. As a scientific and technological innovation enterprise ,we integrating bearing research and design. It has in-depth research in mining, paper-making, metallurgy, transmission machinery and other industries, and has rich experience in the production of high-end bearings instead of foreign ones.

Using these advantages, ZWA has developed planetary gearbox bearings , and formed a professional series.

Standard bearings commonly used bearing types of gearbox application

ZWA Ensure The Quality Of Gearbox Bearings

Structural Design

CC type is selected for double row spherical roller bearings, as shown in Figure 1:

CC Type of Spherical Roller Bearing
Figure 1

The structure consists of

①Outer Ring

②Rolling Body


④Inner Ring

⑤Spacer Ring

The advantages of the structure are high limit speed, strong bearing capacity, but also can withstand large axial force, so its service life is long.

Here, the diameter and length of the rolling body are optimized, and the number of rolling bodies is the same, which is increased compared with similar foreign products. In this way, according to the standard of ISO281, the rated dynamic and static load of the product in the structure design is higher than the level of similar foreign products.

The Choice Of Materials

According to the working conditions, we use SKF3 and SKF24 or equivalent bearing steel materials, which have low oxygen content and other harmful impurities and high purity. After forging and heat treatment, the material has good wear resistance and strong fatigue resistance.

Heat Treatment

The bearing adopts the lower Bainite body thermal treatment method which is superior to traditional heat treatment method of martensite.

The point is that the product not only has good surface hardness and wear-resisting property but also has a certain toughness.

Heat Treatment
Figure 2

Custom Bearing

If your application requires specical sizes,load or speed ratings,we can provide you with specical bearings.

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