Design and Optimization of Ultra-high Speed Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Introduction of Deep Groove Ball Bearing

deep groove ball bearing

Deep groove ball bearing formerly known as single row radial ball bearing. Deep groove ball bearing is the most widely used roller bearing.

Its characteristics:

Small Friction Resistance

High Speed

It can be used to bear radial load or radial and axial simultaneous action of the combined load on the machine parts.It can also be used to bear axial load on the machine parts. Such as small power motor, car and tractor transmission, machine tool gear box, general machines, tools, etc.

A smaller motor would reduce its power output, but a higher speed motor would be needed to ensure the same or higher output as a current engine. Chinese bearing manufacturer Dalian Guangyang introduces the analysis and optimization of deep groove ball bearings for motor in order to withstand the speed of more than 30 000 r/min (1.5 times of the current limit speed of bearings).

Analysis on influencing factors of Deep groove ball bearing design


Choose oil lubrication. Due to the high-speed rotation of the roller and cage, a large amount of lubricating oil will move towards the bearing’s outer diameter under the action of centrifugal force. The lubrication between the inner ring and the rollers. Or the lubrication between the rollers and cage is not sufficient. Insufficient lubrication will cause the internal parts of the bearing to stick. Resulting in the bearing stuck. The solution of increasing lubricating oil will cause the resistance of lubricating oil stirring to increase and the torque to increase.


Friction between the ball and the groove surface: When the deep groove ball bearing rotates, the sliding friction between the ball and the groove surface is proportional to the speed of the bearing. The influence of sliding friction at normal speed is negligible. However, it is very important to control the friction between the ball and the channel surface under the condition of ultra-high speed, because the sharp increase of friction will lead to the increase of the calorific value of the bearing.

Cage strength

 Plastic crown cage is selected. When the plastic crown cage is rotating at high speed.Under the action of centrifugal force, the outer surface of the cage will be deformed. And then the cage will contact the outer ring of the bearing. When the cage is in contact with the bearing outer ring, the bearing temperature rise increases. In addition, the cage with large deformation will fracture due to excessive stress on the circumferential surface of the cage, so it is necessary to develop an enhanced cage structure. So that it can withstand the deformation and damage of the cage caused by centrifugal force. The cage strength can be improved by increasing the thickness of the cage, but the bearing width cannot be increased.

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