Bearings Applied in Mining Industry

Mining Idustuy Bearing

spheircal roller bearing
Spherical Roller Bearing

0.01% Defect=100% Reject

ZWA bearing is the most commonly used part in mining machinery and equipment, and the core guarantee of mechanical equipment operation.

tapered roller bearing
tapered roller bearing
Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Mining Bearings Application Area:

Belt conveyor quarry.
Belt conveyors and mining equipment in a quarry
Marble mining equipment
Quarry mine work equipment

Mechanical Equipment In Coal Mine Production Has The Following Characteristics:

  • The working environment is hostile, the equipment is always surrounded by dust, water vapor and harmful gas;
  • Working conditions are harsh, most of the mechanical equipment is in high speed, heavy load, vibration, impact, friction and corrosive working conditions;
  • Long running time, most of the mechanical equipment continuous operation day and night, year-round;
  • Poor lubrication conditions, due to the harsh environment, harsh working conditions, and short downtime, which makes the mechanical parts can not get good lubrication and maintenance.

Thus,these characteristics cause the staggering economic lost every year, only by choosing the correct bearing, timely regular maintenance, , improve the quality of maintenance, to ensure that all production equipment in a good condition. Mining operators can ensure high productivity and achieve the desired service life of the equipment.

Features of Bearings for Mining Equipment

  • Cage: Solid brass cage, high strength, good toughness; Special split cage design, more suitable for mining industry.
  • Inner ring: high precision raceway processed by double raceway cutting mill.
  • Roller: the roller after processing is sorted for several times to ensure that the size tolerance of the roller in the same bearing is less than 2um.
  • Outer ring: the outer ring surface has oil holes and grooves; After secondary tempering stabilization treatment, it has higher impact resistance.
  • Clearance: A special clearance standard for longer service life of bearings on mine equipment.
  • Degree of coincidence: by controlling the curvature of roller, the degree of coincidence of roller and raceway contact surface is increased from 60% to 80%-90%.

Bearing Common Faults on the Impact of Life

When bearing damage inspection, we can verify the bearing problems and damage factors according to the bearing damage status.

  • The metal on the raceway surface falls off, and the raceway surface of the bearing and inner and outer rings suffers the advantage of periodic pulsating load, and then produces periodic contact stress. When the number of stress cycles reaches a certain value, the fatigue drop occurs on the working surface of the bearing or inner and outer raceway. If the load of the aligning ball bearing is too large, it will make the fatigue worse. In addition, the bearing installation is not correct, shaft bending, will also produce raceway drop.

  • Bearing burn, burn bearing raceway, bearing has a backfire color. The factors of burns are improper lubrication, bearing lubricating oil quality meets the requirements or metamorphosis, involving bearing installation is too tight and other problems.

  • Plastic deformation, bearing raceway and roller contact surface appear uneven pits, self-aligning ball bearing plastic deformation is introduced. The reason is that the local stress of the working surface of the bearing exceeds the compliance limit of the material under the advantage of large static load or impact load. This situation occurs in the bearing with low speed change respectively.

  • Bearing seat ring crack, bearing seat ring crack factors may be joint bearing too tight, bearing outer ring or inner ring loose, bearing accommodation parts out of shape, installation bearing surface processing effect is not good and other problems. The rapid development of China’s bearing industry, bearing types from less to more, product quality and technical level from low to high, career scale is also from small to large, once formed a complete product category foundation, production layout is more reasonable career production system.

The mining sector, like any other business, has a strong focus on safety and the environment, with an emphasis on productivity, cost control and profitability.

In order to meet these needs of customers, ZWA has been committed to excellent bearing research and development by combining high-quality materials, lubrication and advanced bearing design technology.

After several years of painstaking research, ZWA has achieved “long life and high limit speed” of bearings. For customers in the harsh environment of the mining site greatly improve production efficiency, while reducing maintenance costs.