What Is The Use of Bearings

The Mainly Bearing Function

The bearing function,to put it bluntly, if the transmission parts (such as: shaft) and the hole are matched directly, the transmission resistance is large, and after the wear is large, the transmission parts are not easy to replace, and the bearing is dependent on the rolling contact between components to support the transmission parts, so the sliding resistance is small, less power consumption, easy to start and so on.

  • Support the Mechanical Rotating Body.
  • Reduce the Friction
  • Ensure Rotation Accuracy.

It can be understood that it is used to fix the axis, so that it can only achieve rotation, but control its axial and radial movement. If the shaft doesn’t have bearings it won’t work at all. Because the axis can move in any direction, and the work requires that the axis can only be rotated.

The General Role of Bearings

Bearings have a wide range of uses:

Automotive: Rear wheels, transmission, electrical equipment components.

Electrical: General motors, household appliances. Instrument, internal combustion engine, construction machinery, railway rolling stock, loading and unloading and handling machinery, various industrial machinery.

Others: Machine tool spindle, agricultural machinery, high frequency motor, gas turbine, centrifuge, small car front wheel, differential pinion shaft and so on, almost as long as it is rotating are used to bearings.


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