Optimize The Design Of Special Vibrating Screen Bearing

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Vibrating screen bearing can be one of the key parts of vibrating screening machinery, its working conditions are almost harsh:

Environmental Humidity

Dust Particles

High Speed

Strong Vibration Impact

Therefore, the quality of the vibrating screen bearing is directly related to the service life and stability of the equipment. Our new generation of high efficiency vibrating screen bearing using precision-machined sturdy one-piece brass cage, compared with ordinary vibrating screening bearing, has the unique advantage of large processing capacity.

In order to ensure the output of this special bearing is our experienced engineers after years of painstaking research, in the traditional shaker bearing on the basis of optimization design. It has the characteristics of:

Strong Bearing Capacity

Good Impact Resistance

High Reliability

Overcome The Flexural Deformation Of The Shaft

It uses thin oil lubrication, effectively reduces the bearing temperature, improves the life, but also ensures the stability of equipment operation. The three-axis drive design also improves the screen frame stress state, effectively reduces the single bearing load, makes the side plate force more uniform, reduces the stress concentration point, improves the screen frame stress conditions, improves the reliability and life of the screen machine, lays a theoretical foundation for the screen machine large-scale.

The ZWA process did:

Precision-machined rugged one-piece brass cage with contoured roller slots

Improve the surface roughness of roller and inner and outer ring

Special heat treatment roll prevents cracks due to vibration and impact load

ZWA Vibrating Screen Sperical Roller Bearing

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Development of Outstanding Planetary Gearbox Bearings

Development of planetary gearbox bearings


0.01% DEFECT =100% REJECT

Automotive transmission gearbox
Automotive transmission gearbox with lots of details

ZWA uses a smaller shape to improve its compactness.Meanwhile we increase the power level of the gearbox constantly.In some applications, planetary gearboxes are subjected to loads exceeding their physical limits under special circumstances. At this point, the planetary shelf and the planetary pin are subjected to extremely high bending loads.

Planetary gearbox is an important part of the gearbox industry, with its outstanding characteristics:

  • High Reduction Ratio
  • Small Size
  • Low Cost 
  • Easy Installation

With the increase of its application, the requirements for planetary gearbox are higher and higher.

For the harsh application requirements, bearing layout should not only reduce the design space, but also reduce the operation noise.

And has the characteristics:

  • Low Friction
  • High Reliability
  • Long Service Life
  • Easy Installation

Such bearing solutions are more ideal.

According to this requirement, ZWA has carried out in-depth research and produced planetary gearbox bearings to meet the market needs. As a scientific and technological innovation enterprise ,we integrating bearing research and design. It has in-depth research in mining, paper-making, metallurgy, transmission machinery and other industries, and has rich experience in the production of high-end bearings instead of foreign ones.

Using these advantages, ZWA has developed planetary gearbox bearings , and formed a professional series.

Standard bearings commonly used bearing types of gearbox application

ZWA Ensure The Quality Of Gearbox Bearings

Structural Design

CC type is selected for double row spherical roller bearings, as shown in Figure 1:

CC Type of Spherical Roller Bearing
Figure 1

The structure consists of

①Outer Ring

②Rolling Body


④Inner Ring

⑤Spacer Ring

The advantages of the structure are high limit speed, strong bearing capacity, but also can withstand large axial force, so its service life is long.

Here, the diameter and length of the rolling body are optimized, and the number of rolling bodies is the same, which is increased compared with similar foreign products. In this way, according to the standard of ISO281, the rated dynamic and static load of the product in the structure design is higher than the level of similar foreign products.

The Choice Of Materials

According to the working conditions, we use SKF3 and SKF24 or equivalent bearing steel materials, which have low oxygen content and other harmful impurities and high purity. After forging and heat treatment, the material has good wear resistance and strong fatigue resistance.

Heat Treatment

The bearing adopts the lower Bainite body thermal treatment method which is superior to traditional heat treatment method of martensite.

The point is that the product not only has good surface hardness and wear-resisting property but also has a certain toughness.

Heat Treatment
Figure 2

Custom Bearing

If your application requires specical sizes,load or speed ratings,we can provide you with specical bearings.

ZWA Chinese Best Bearing Manufacturer

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Bearings Applied in Cement Industry

Reliable Cement Bearings Manufacturer

No matter what kind of cement bearing you want ,we have you covered.

Reliable Bearing Manufacturer

A range of ZWA bearings are here suitable for cement plants,from crushing of the raw material to the output of finished cement ,we meet all your requirements.

We are confident to every product in cement industry ,with years of exploration in this area. In the harsh environment our bearings will absolutely reduce your costs from start to finish.


Exceptional craftsmanship with complete satisfaction

We are your most trusted cement industry partner offering comprehensive services that ensure high-quality results within your timeframe and budget.

Why Choose ZWA?

  • One-site technical assistance
  • Lubrication solutions
  • One-site training
  • Fault analysis

Our Products Dedicated in Cement

Our services are designed to meet your specific needs. We have experience supervising and executing a wide range of projects, enabling us to deliver efficient and smooth services from start to finish.

ZWA Cement Bearings Form

Cement Industry Process Type Application
Quarrying&Extraction Spherical Roller Bearings Shovels
Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Deep Groove Ball Bearings(Sealed)
Crushing,Grinding,Blending Cylindrical Roller Bearings(EM series) Jaw Crushers
Cone Crushers
Impact Crushers
Spherical Roller Bearings
Tapered Roller Bearings
Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Material Preparation Spherical Roller Bearings
Cylindrical Roller Bearings(EM series)
Tapered Roller Bearings
Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Clinker Grinding-Mills Spherical Roller Bearings Cone CrushersRotaryCrushers& Hammer mills
Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Tapered Roller Bearings(Double-row)
Angular Contact Ball Bearings(Double-row)
Conveying Spherical Roller Bearings Vibrating Screen
Gear Shaft
Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Packing&Shipping Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Tapered Roller Bearings
Spherical Roller Bearings
Deep Groove Ball Bearings

As the most reliable bearing manufacturer in China, ZWA has a presence on many production sites throughout the world. We have earned our status thanks to the development of bearings adapted to the requirements imposed by temperature, dust and heavy loads. Our bearings also provide the reliability and durability of the equipment of our end-users.

The Application of ZWA Paper-making Bearings

deep groove ball bearing
deep groove ball bearing

Top Chinese Paper-making Bearings

ZWA will continue to develop highly reliable bearings that will lead to further productivity improvements in the papermaking industry, and it will continue to contribute to the development of the industry.

Current Situatuin of Chinese Paper-making Bearings

The characteristics of modern paper machine are: high speed, wide width, continuous, professional. In recent years, Chinese paper market is booming. But domestic paper machine and imported paper machine, has always been occupied by imported brand bearings, domestic bearings are difficult to shake up the position of imported bearings, from the host supporting to terminal maintenance, almost reached a consensus that “imported bearings must be used”. From pulp to finished paper of the whole production line, it is almost difficult to see the figure of domestic bearings. The annual output and consumption of bearings in China have long been ranked first in the world, but it is difficult to get the first place in some really important industries.

Technical Requirements for Paper-making Bearings

Paper production line requires continuous production, especially professional corrugated paper machine, copper sheet paper machine, culture paper machine and so on is a very huge production line, each roller is often hundreds, a production line used bearings is a large number of models, From the wet end of the forming roller, vacuum roller, drive roller, to press section at the center of the squeezing roller, boots, controllable high roller, roller and cadre’s moving roller, cylinder, guide roller and molding department of sizing, calender roller, paper roller, as well as a multitude of guide roller, the working condition of the function of the roller and alone is varied, the bearing is used in the multifarious, and once the bearing appear problem, It will affect the operation of the whole production line, and even cause abnormal shutdown, with huge loss. Therefore, paper machine bearings have always been the world of imported bearings, because imported brand bearings do have very stable quality and life.

ZWA Bearings Application Form

Paper-making Bearings Bearings Series/Design/Dimension Application
Spherical Roller Bearings 240/241..(d 120-220) Suction Roll,Suction Box Bearing
230..(d 360-710) Suction Roller Operating End
239..(d 440-950)
231. .(d 44-950) Suction Roller, Driving End Guide Roller
223/222..(d 50-180)
232. (d 110-180)
230..(d 200-560) Controllable Middle And High Rollers
230/239/(248)..(d 200-850) Press Roll
230/231..(d180-300) Dryer
230/231..(d 320-710) Smooth Large Dryer
231..(d 50-150) Roll Shaft
240..(d 140-160) The Corrugated Roller
Scattered Pulp Machine
Pulping Machine
Chipping Machine
Wood Mill
Cylindrical Roller Bearings NU30../NU10..(d 200-350) Canvas Roller
NU23..(d 50-140) Guide Roller of Pulping Machine
NUB2../3..(d 50-140) Dryer,Smooth Large Dryer
NU/N30..(d 180-710) Roll Shaft
NNU49..(d 50-150) The Corrugated Roller
Gear box
Scattered Pulp Machine
Deep Groove Ball Bearings 618..C3(d 300-700) Stretch Roll
619..C3(d 140-260)
62..(d 60-160) Motor, Gear Box
160..(d 60-160) Mixer, Fan
Angular Contact Ball Bearings 73..(d 100-200) Pressure Screen
72..(d 100-200) Scattered Pulp Machine
Pump, Gear Box
Paper Rolling Machine, Rewinding Machine

Why Choose ZWA?

ZWA since it was founded in 2004, has been mainly for export and import brand OEM, therefore, we have very rich experience in quality management, from raw material procurement, testing, manufacturing and product design and quality management has been implemented according to the international first-class standard, and use of processing equipment and testing equipment, also is in accordance with the international standard.

At present, we have dozens of customers in the domestic paper industry, bearings stable use for many years, customers have been praised, in the customer cost savings and shorten the procurement cycle, made outstanding contributions; In terms of stable production, we have successfully replaced many imported brand bearings to escort customers’ equipment. Through our continuous efforts, we have mastered almost all the design and manufacturing process of paper machine bearings, through years of efforts, our quality stability and life, fully reached the level of imported bearings.

We have complete technical guidance and on-site services, including bearing selection, installation, maintenance, failure analysis and other services.


Thrust bearing in China with best quality

Thrust Bearing

What is thrust bearing

Thrust bearing is a special bearing specially used to bear axial force, that is, the bearing with the force of the vertical direction of the shaft.

Why choose ZWA thrust bearing

We are your most trusted construction partner offering comprehensive services that ensure high-quality bearings within your timeframe and budget.

Failure and avoid methods

Here we list the possible causes and solutions of bearing failure, so that you can quickly solve the problem.

Thrust Ball Bearings

ZWA thrust bearing

Thrust bearings are divided into thrust ball bearings and thrust roller bearings.

Thrust ball bearings include thrust ball bearings and thrust angular contact ball bearings. A raceway ring with a raceway gasket and a ball and a cage assembly is called a raceway ring with a shaft, and a raceway ring with a housing is called a seat ring. Two-way bearings match the center ring with the shaft. Unidirectional bearing can bear unidirectional axial load, and bidirectional bearing can bear bidirectional axial load. The bearing with spherical mounting surface of the seat ring has self-aligning performance, which can reduce the influence of installation error. This kind of bearing is mainly used in automobile steering mechanism, machine tool spindle.

Thrust roller bearings are divided into thrust cylindrical roller bearings, thrust spherical roller bearings, thrust tapered roller bearings, thrust needle roller bearings. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used in oil drilling rigs, iron and steel machinery. This kind of thrust spherical roller bearing is mainly used in hydraulic generator, vertical motor, ship propeller shaft, tower crane, extruder and so on. Tapered thrust roller bearing – most commonly used in automotive applications. They can support greater thrust loads than the ball type due to the larger contact area. They are designed to accommodate combined loads, i.e., simultaneously acting radial and axial loads.

  • Thrust ball bearing – used in low thrust applications where there is little axial load. They are available in two designs: single direction and double direction. 
  • Cylindrical thrust roller bearing – give good carrying capacity.
  • Tapered thrust roller bearing – most commonly used in automotive applications. They can support greater thrust loads than the ball type due to the larger contact area. They are designed to accommodate combined loads, i.e., simultaneously acting radial and axial loads.
  • Spherical thrust roller bearing – Spherical roller thrust bearings offer the highest load rating density of all thrust bearings.

Failure and avoid methods

Running condition Supposed reasons Countermeasure


Metal noise
Abnormal load Correct fit and bearing clearance, adjust preload.
Bad installation Improve installation method and accuracy.
Insufficient lubricant Add lubricant and choose appropriate lubricant.
The rotating parts touch each other Modify the contact part of the labyrinth seal.

Regular noise
Indentation, rust, or scarring caused by foreign matter Replace the bearing, clean the relevant parts, improve the sealing device, and use a clean lubricant.
Brinell indentation Replace the bearing using the correct mounting method.
Fatigue spalling of raceway surface Replace the bearing.

Irregular noise
Clearance is too large Modify fit clearance,adjust preload.
Foreign invasion Replace bearing, clean related parts, improve sealing device, use clean lubricant.
Peeling off Replace the bearing.

Abnormal warming
Excessive lubricant Reduce the amount of lubricant, choose a harder grease.
Insufficient lubricant and unsuitable brand Add lubricant and choose appropriate lubricant.
Abnormal load Modify fit clearance, adjust preload.
Bad installation Improve the installation method, improve the installation accuracy.
Mating surface creep, sealing device friction Replace the bearing, modify the fit, improve the sealing mechanism, modify the dimensional accuracy of the shaft and bearing seat.

High vibration (axis swing)
Brinell indentation Replace the bearing using the correct mounting method.
Peeling off Replace the bearing.
Bad installation Correct the verticality of shaft, bearing shoulder and bearing end face.
Foreign invasion Replace bearings, clean parts and improve sealing devices.
Serious leakage and discoloration of lubricant Excessive lubricant, foreign matter, abrasive chip invasion Select lubricant or replace the bearing and clean the housing.

ZWA Thrust Roller Bearing


Machine failures are unpredictable and if you don’t have the backup bearings you need, you may be stuck with long-lead times, causing you to waste time and money.

At ZWA you get a one-stop solution for all your bearings needs, including modification, manufacturing, and repair. 

We’ve helped distributor branches all over the world get the bearing and power transmission products they need. 

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Bearings Applied in Mining Industry

Mining Idustuy Bearing

spheircal roller bearing
Spherical Roller Bearing

0.01% Defect=100% Reject

ZWA bearing is the most commonly used part in mining machinery and equipment, and the core guarantee of mechanical equipment operation.

tapered roller bearing
tapered roller bearing
Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Mining Bearings Application Area:

Belt conveyor quarry.
Belt conveyors and mining equipment in a quarry
Marble mining equipment
Quarry mine work equipment

Mechanical Equipment In Coal Mine Production Has The Following Characteristics:

  • The working environment is hostile, the equipment is always surrounded by dust, water vapor and harmful gas;
  • Working conditions are harsh, most of the mechanical equipment is in high speed, heavy load, vibration, impact, friction and corrosive working conditions;
  • Long running time, most of the mechanical equipment continuous operation day and night, year-round;
  • Poor lubrication conditions, due to the harsh environment, harsh working conditions, and short downtime, which makes the mechanical parts can not get good lubrication and maintenance.

Thus,these characteristics cause the staggering economic lost every year, only by choosing the correct bearing, timely regular maintenance, , improve the quality of maintenance, to ensure that all production equipment in a good condition. Mining operators can ensure high productivity and achieve the desired service life of the equipment.

Features of Bearings for Mining Equipment

  • Cage: Solid brass cage, high strength, good toughness; Special split cage design, more suitable for mining industry.
  • Inner ring: high precision raceway processed by double raceway cutting mill.
  • Roller: the roller after processing is sorted for several times to ensure that the size tolerance of the roller in the same bearing is less than 2um.
  • Outer ring: the outer ring surface has oil holes and grooves; After secondary tempering stabilization treatment, it has higher impact resistance.
  • Clearance: A special clearance standard for longer service life of bearings on mine equipment.
  • Degree of coincidence: by controlling the curvature of roller, the degree of coincidence of roller and raceway contact surface is increased from 60% to 80%-90%.

Bearing Common Faults on the Impact of Life

When bearing damage inspection, we can verify the bearing problems and damage factors according to the bearing damage status.

  • The metal on the raceway surface falls off, and the raceway surface of the bearing and inner and outer rings suffers the advantage of periodic pulsating load, and then produces periodic contact stress. When the number of stress cycles reaches a certain value, the fatigue drop occurs on the working surface of the bearing or inner and outer raceway. If the load of the aligning ball bearing is too large, it will make the fatigue worse. In addition, the bearing installation is not correct, shaft bending, will also produce raceway drop.

  • Bearing burn, burn bearing raceway, bearing has a backfire color. The factors of burns are improper lubrication, bearing lubricating oil quality meets the requirements or metamorphosis, involving bearing installation is too tight and other problems.

  • Plastic deformation, bearing raceway and roller contact surface appear uneven pits, self-aligning ball bearing plastic deformation is introduced. The reason is that the local stress of the working surface of the bearing exceeds the compliance limit of the material under the advantage of large static load or impact load. This situation occurs in the bearing with low speed change respectively.

  • Bearing seat ring crack, bearing seat ring crack factors may be joint bearing too tight, bearing outer ring or inner ring loose, bearing accommodation parts out of shape, installation bearing surface processing effect is not good and other problems. The rapid development of China’s bearing industry, bearing types from less to more, product quality and technical level from low to high, career scale is also from small to large, once formed a complete product category foundation, production layout is more reasonable career production system.

The mining sector, like any other business, has a strong focus on safety and the environment, with an emphasis on productivity, cost control and profitability.

In order to meet these needs of customers, ZWA has been committed to excellent bearing research and development by combining high-quality materials, lubrication and advanced bearing design technology.

After several years of painstaking research, ZWA has achieved “long life and high limit speed” of bearings. For customers in the harsh environment of the mining site greatly improve production efficiency, while reducing maintenance costs.

Bearing Applied in Food Machinery

spherical roller bearing CAKtype

Food Machinery

In the production of food industry, it’s common to separate preliminary products (like cerement, salt, and aginomoto etc) into several grades based on the dimension of particles. Sometimes, in order to proceed next process and improve the product quality, water or other disturbance have to been eliminated, in this case, screening machine will be applied

Spherical Roller Bearing
Spherical Roller Bearing
Spherical Roller Bearing
Spherical Roller Bearing
spherical roller bearing CAKtype
spherical roller bearing CAKtype

Food Machinery

Due to the variety of processing objects, processing properties and technological conditions in the food industry, the food machinery used must meet the processing requirements of terminal products, and has specific requirements for food product quality, safety and health, nutrition and convenience.

In addition to having the commonness of general mechanical products, bearings used in food machinery also need to meet the market applicability. Bearings used in food machinery need to ensure the safety of the machinery itself, reduce the risk of machinery to a minimum, and ensure the safety of production, industrial health and the safety and health of workers in production.

Suitable for large complete sets of equipment

The rapid development of downstream industry and people’s pursuit of quality of life, inevitably requires enterprises to invest in the corresponding food machinery equipment to meet the needs of production, but also on the food machinery of high precision, intelligent, high-speed level of higher requirements at the same time, but also to meet the personalized needs of enterprises.

ZWA is mainly committed to the design and manufacture reducer bearings and vibrating screen bearings which applied in food machinery . The major accessories of vibrating screen are bearings expect for motors. The quality of bearings will directly affect the function of vibrating screens. After several years of studying and researching , ZWA have made great progress in producing spherical roller bearings for vibrating screen. Now, ZWA have produced spherical roller bearings in vibrating screen in series.

In the application of bearings for the vibrating machines, since the vibrating screen or exciter cause the acceleration of the roller and cages in bearings, extra requirements for designing the bearings will be proposed.In order to meet the high requirements for high accelerating speed and various loads on the dimension, direction and eccentricity.

ZWA researched and developed the spherical roller 223 series based on the same dimension and functions, and produced CCJA and CAFA type spherical roller bearings especially applied in vibrating machines.

spheircal roller bearing
Suitable for high-tech food machinery manufacturing equipment

Common Types Applied in Vibrating Screen

vibrating screen product table